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BA Funded

We are funded by the British Academy and Leverhulme. The research team are from Loughborough University

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Mental Health

We investigate the emotional health of astronauts on space missions.

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In the News

Our research has been covered by News Media

We Attended Space Expo at Bremen

We attended the Space Expo at Bremen on 15 November 2022. It was very worthwhile and very interesting. We made meaningful connections with Astronautin, Bremen University, Italian Space Agency, European Space Agency, and many more. The conference buzz words were ‘launch’, ‘space economy’, ‘sustainability’ and ‘qualification’. There was, unsurprising perhaps, little mention of human factors, but we did talk to some parties that were very into the topic and we are following up.

Some indicative priorities:

  • Launch
  • Innovation, reusability
  • Improve the ec – esa relationship
  • Climate change

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