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BA Funded

We are funded by the British Academy and Leverhulme. The research team are from Loughborough University

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Mental Health

We investigate the emotional health of astronauts on space missions.

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In the News

Our research has been covered by News Media


To express the science, we created a music collective of ambient, space, meditation musicians from across the world including DreamstateLogic, Terminus Void, Dreamscapist, Hollan Holmes and Dunes of IO. The collective uses Discord as a collaborative platform.

The collective has completed Volume 1, which is 60 minutes long, and is aptly called “Music for the Mental Health of Astronauts”. The musicians’ contribution is set to a theme set by the Lead Scientist and producer Dr Patrick Stacey – this theme is guided by the four phase model of morale experienced by astronauts when they travel to the ISS – the model is from space psychology literature (e.g. Slack et al.).

Our ambition is to grow as a collective, there is already intention for a Volume 2, to work with an esteemed music label as well as connect with space scientists (we already have connections to University of Cadiz in this respect with potential application into VR Chillout rooms for Astronauts)