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BA Funded

We are funded by the British Academy and Leverhulme. The research team are from Loughborough University

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Mental Health

We investigate the emotional health of astronauts on space missions.

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In the News

Our research has been covered by News Media

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Success – Experiment Approved for the World’s Biggest Analog

we are very excited to announce that our experiment has accepted by the international body which governs space analog missions, the WBA. This was a competitive bid. In this experiment we will be conducting pre-and post-mission interviews with astronauts as well as capturing daily diary data from them in...

More Proposals Submitted

We have been working away, secretly in our caves, submitting proposals here and there. For example, the World’s Biggest Analog, Space-Expo (Bremen), and soon to the AHRC, and ESA. Alot of exciting moves and we look fwd to sharing more in the future....

Join our International Network

Over the past year having attended various space Industry conferences and academic events we have been building up a wonderful network of parties interested in the human factors of space flight. We are pleased to announced we are forming an international network of research partners to investigate the mental...

Dr Nina Jorden is Presenting at EGOS, Cagliari.

We are proud Nina is presenting our paper on “Is there a place for emotions in space? An analysis of astronauts’ Twitter profiles“. Here is the abstract: This paper explores the emotional experiences of astronauts during space missions by analysing tweets using the notion of ‘scripts’. While space research...

EGOS Conference

We have now submitted our final paper to the EGOS conference which widens and resonates the debate with extreme work. Dr Nina Jorden will represent our paper which draws on Twitter data to examine emotional scripts within the context of complex systems. Go team!...

Bid Writing Workshop

We are looking forward to going into a new gear with our research into the mental / emotional health of astronauts. We are holding a bid writing workshop tomorrow in which we will prepare proposals for ESRC and EPSRC. Space is awesome....

Loughborough Business School Launch Event

We gave a talk at Loughborough Business School to help launch their rebrand. It was very well attended and pleasure to present on our research into astronaut mental health.

Paper Accepted by EGOS Conference

The team’s first full scientific paper has been accepted by the prestigious EGOS conference which takes place in Cagliari, Italy in July 2023....

Interview with The National (UAE)

PI Dr Patrick Stacey was interviewed by Dan Beardsley of the The National (UAE) about the project and the implications for the Emirates first astronaut, Hazza Al Mansouri: …includes my excerpts from my interview last week...

Music Collective

We have established an international space music collective called “Music for the Mental Health of Astronauts”. It includes the established artists Dream State Logic, Terminus Void, Pat Keista, Sepula and more. Please visit: